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Photo Restoration

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Photo restoration is becoming increasingly popular. While in the past a damaged photo was usually moved to a storage box or discarded completely, modern digital photo technology has provided a way to take those old photos and bring them back to life.

Time has a way of taking its toll on photographs. The corners can become bent, they may get creased or torn, and the image could become discoloured by sunlight or mishandling. When that occurs to your photos you stop enjoying the photo as much as you did when it was first taken. Just because the photo has been damaged does not mean that it cannot be enjoyed any more.

Photo restoration techniques are now available that make it possible to return your pictures to their original beauty. In some instances it may be possible to make the photo better than it was when you first took the picture. You can not only repair any damage or discolouration’s, you can also add or remove things to the image. You could even have an old black and white photo converted to colour if you so desired.

Once the photo has been scanned into a computer a digital photo specialist will be able to go over your picture correcting any flaws. What that requires is that every area that needs to be corrected will need to be digitally returned to what it was before the damage took place. Every tone and shade of colour will have to be matched in order to make the damage become invisible.

This photographic restoration technique could also be used to make alterations to your photo. You may have a photo that was very close to being a great shot, except someone blinked just as the picture was being taken. You could have the eyes opened digitally by having the technician redraw the eyes so that they are open in the picture.

One great part about this procedure is that your original photo is left untouched. All of the alterations and photo restoration is done on a digital copy so you will still have the original photo. If you were to have a collage made out of several different images you would keep all of the originals, and you would get a beautifully finished new photo to add to your collection. If the resolution and quality of the photos are high enough, you could have the final photo enlarged to a size that would be suitable for framing.

Restoration does not need to be just for old or badly damaged photos. You may have some newer photos with minor flaws that you would like to have corrected. These can be done easily, and in most cases can be accomplished relatively quickly.

Look through your photo collection and see if there are any of your photographs that could use some repairs, or even some minor touch-ups. With the restoration technology that is available there is no need for your damaged photos to be relegated to the bottom of a storage box. With photo restoration you could get your pictures back where you can relive the memories that were captured in the snapshot.

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